About Us

We never believed gift-giving was a serious business (quite literally). What started as a joke with little investment and an attitude of “let’s see how it goes” we made the bold decision of stepping out into the Pakistani society with a few fucks and shits. Undoubtedly, we heard the same in return by some, but the support we gained by our people, local celebrities and bloggers showed us that Pakistanis can take a joke at times.

Inappropriate gifting believes in being sassy rather than quaint, witty rather than lame and naughty rather than tame. We believe gift-giving should be as fun as it is for the one receiving the gift. We guarantee high quality, quick delivery and laugh reactions but no responsibility for any slaps or tears you may receive from your gift-receivers. 

All our products are stored in-house and are packed and shipped from our warehouse in Karachi. We only deliver across Pakistan at the moment, no international deliveries.

We are always open to new inappropriate ideas so if you have some don’t hesitate to email us at info@inappropriategifting.com.

Happy Gifting!