Wittiest Self-Care Products You Should Treat Yourself With

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Wittiest Self-Care Products You Should Treat Yourself With

Our calendars are marked by a multitude of occasions: birthdays, weddings, festivals. All have us scrambling to various websites or shops to find the perfect gift for our beloved (or not so beloved) ones. But how often do we become visitors to these places for self-care rewards? Within our lives, we manage to achieve considerable milestones, no matter the magnitude. The principles of self-love require that we celebrate our accomplishments similar to such occasions, and they warrant that we treat ourselves in the best way possible.



There are no rules set in stone determining the criteria you need to fulfill in order to buy yourself a gift, so why should you hold back? Perhaps you reached a significant milestone, such as graduation or a promotion you worked your ass off for, or you finally managed to stop giving a fuck about something that has been bothering you for long. Perhaps you simply wish to motivate yourself to take on a difficult task. Regardless, you deserve to treat yourself for your triumphs, even if the conventional world deems them insignificant, whether it with be scented candles, coasters, wall hangings, or a plain old mug!

To ensure a smooth journey for you on your path to self-love, we have carefully curated a short list of witty and sarcastic products from Inappropriate Gifting that have the potential to brighten up your day merely by their presence. After all, must you have any formalities with yourself?



1. My Last Fuck, Oh Look It’s On Fire

We often find our minds emptying way too much space for a stressor that deserves minimal to no attention. It could be a colleague’s unsettling attitude, or a friend’s questionable action. Whatever it may be, you most certainly need a reminder to stop giving a fuck, maybe every time you light this scented candle from Inappropriate Gifting.

 2. Relax, Sip, Drink, Chill

Have you been working too hard? Or have you been fretting over something way more than necessary? Buy this coaster for a table from Inappropriate Gifting now to remind yourself to relax every time you take a drink.

 3. Tap That Ash

Sometimes all you need is a laugh, and a cigarette - but do they have to be mutually exclusive?. Get a ‘Tap That Ashashtray from Inappropriate Gifting to discard your worries along with the ash every time you resort to a cigarette to relieve your stress. You never know when a pun may make you laugh!

 4. If The Plan Doesn't Work, Change The Plan

Life is not easy - it throws at us countless hitches which are exhaustingly difficult to survive. Do yourself a favor, and get yourself this motivating wall hanging from Inappropriate Gifting so you let go of the thought of giving up every time you glance at the wall.

 5. I'm A Ray Of Fucking Sunshine

Sometimes, all you need is a few kind words from no one but yourself, with a slight speck of humor. At the end of the day, someone has to fight the inner voice that keeps bringing you down, right? Buy this printed mug from Inappropriate Gifting that reminds you of your ability to brighten your surroundings every time you take a sip of your morning coffee!

The path to self-care is not always easy, but there is no better place to begin than going to an online store full of chucklesome products that lighten your mood and purchasing a few for yourself. We hope you buy yourself a gift that conveys to you an important reminder you often forget to give yourself. But if you cannot find anything, do not give up. Purchase a customized scented candle with a personalized message and a scent of your choice from our website now!


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