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We make the inappropriate appropriate.

If you have ever encountered a candle, in Pakistan, labelled ‘Fart Extinguisher’ then I would immediately like to proclaim myself as the source for this witty and scented piece of humour. However, if you have yet to have such an experience then I would like to direct you towards exactly who we are and how we managed to reach your living rooms (or bathrooms for that matter) with our ability to add a bit of inappropriateness to ordinary objects.

Hi, I’m Taha Zindani the CEO of Inappropriate gifting and I’m here to tell you how a small, inappropriate and bold idea is currently thriving as a business in a (not so) conservative society (as we all think it out to be). 

As the name suggests, this brand is not your plain and conventional source of gift-giving. Our wit, sense of humour, and raunchiness come directly into conflict with the values of our traditional Pakistani society and while we do face some angry reactions from time to time, the warm acceptance by the majority has allowed us to believe that as a community we are unafraid to be audacious, salacious and courageous when it comes to declaring our affection for our loved ones. 

We are entirely an online business, operational through our website, (no we do not take orders through Instagram) born into existence during the outlandish times of the pandemic in 2020 and since then have been providing a service that has made gift-giving an amusing practice for all. 

How it started

Like most entrepreneurs, I had just had my first encounter with a failed venture. Though I did not find success, experience and a printing machine was what I was left with. At the time I was working in construction and the time spent in the office sitting around resulted in the concoction of this idea, that I had seen somewhere on a trip abroad but not in Pakistan; a platform to provide unconventional yet relatable gifts.

Gathering a team of four people with a limited budget in hand we began by making mugs, cards and wrapping papers as impolite and improper as we could. We came up with twenty-twenty five products in total, uploaded them on a website and simply waited to see what would happen. 

With the year being 2020, the nation under lockdown and social media on the rise, Instagram and Facebook became the two sources through which we advertised. We gained a few followers but the first couple of months were spent sitting around waiting for orders. There were days we got three orders in a day and we became very happy and there were days when there were no orders but we kept going. Safe to say it was a slow and patient process. 

Local Support 

At first, we reached out to brands to collaborate but were turned down, our second step was to contact bloggers and there we saw some hope. Influencers and media personalities through their large social media platforms provided honest and positive reviews and brought us into the public eye. The feedback we began hearing was ‘we should have a brand like this in Pakistan’, ‘when we go abroad we see these things but not here’ and it's ‘so cool.’ Needless to say, our confidence was boosted. 

Our customers kept returning to us, celebrities such as Yasir Hussain, Kubra Khan, Anoushay Abbasi, Faryal Mehmood, Anoushey Ashraf and many more generously gave us shout-outs on their platforms, helping us increase our following and since then many of our other entertainment industry’s stars have become our regular customers. 

Our growing popularity with the people has also given us the opportunity to collaborate with some of our prominent local businesses such as Pandamart, The Second Serving, Whisk-it, Mana’s Cookies and others, with many more to come. 

The Process

Making a place among the top gifting companies of Pakistan within a year that too by purely being an online business has taken much effort and struggle. In all honesty, we started as amateurs in the business. During our initial days, in the process of delivery, many of our products were damaged and we faced angry customers with raging reviews but we never hesitated to accommodate any customer as long as there was a fault from our side and this policy remains unchanged.

Building the brand was a learning experience, from trying and testing out the right packaging method to be able to sustain a regular number of orders. All the while making sure to maintain an image of serving wit and humour on top quality products.  

Inappropriate gifting takes pride in saying that the entire process, from handling queries on Instagram, receiving orders through the website, printing, packaging and sending it out for delivery takes under one roof.

Every order is checked for quality and if not met with my approval, is rejected for further processing. So one thing we assure you is that our quality is unbeatable. 

Future Plans   

Taking this step into a first and foremost traditionalist society was undeniably a ‘risque’ idea (pun intended) however, it proved to be one that was worth it. Seeing the positive and growing response has allowed us to expand our vision for this brand and so we will very soon deliver our products internationally as well. We aim to become the best gift-giving resource in Pakistan being a bit naughty and nice at the same time. 

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