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The bonds we share with people range from being exceptionally sweet to humorously playful. Where your mother may receive an affectionately decorated greeting card from you that respectfully expresses gratitude for her unconditional love, your best friend may wind up with a mug that calls them a piece of shit on their birthday. From relationships with parents to friendships, Inappropriate Gifting has catered to every gifting need you may have without surrendering to the traditions which prevent our gifts from being an accurate reflection of our feelings. For The Ones With The Dirty Jokes Inappropriate Gifting began with the purpose...

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ashtrays, mugs, Scented Candles, self-care, self-love, table coasters, wall hangings -

Our calendars are marked by a multitude of occasions: birthdays, weddings, festivals. All have us scrambling to various websites or shops to find the perfect gift for our beloved (or not so beloved) ones. But how often do we become visitors to these places for self-care rewards? Within our lives, we manage to achieve considerable milestones, no matter the magnitude. The principles of self-love require that we celebrate our accomplishments similar to such occasions, and they warrant that we treat ourselves in the best way possible.     There are no rules set in stone determining the criteria you need...

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