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The bonds we share with people range from being exceptionally sweet to humorously playful. Where your mother may receive an affectionately decorated greeting card from you that respectfully expresses gratitude for her unconditional love, your best friend may wind up with a mug that calls them a piece of shit on their birthday. From relationships with parents to friendships, Inappropriate Gifting has catered to every gifting need you may have without surrendering to the traditions which prevent our gifts from being an accurate reflection of our feelings. For The Ones With The Dirty Jokes Inappropriate Gifting began with the purpose...

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A week from now, people around the world will be prepared to celebrate their fathers in the most memorable and loving way possible. But if you are still clueless about where to buy gifts for your father, we are here to help you out! Here is a list of five places where you can find us to fulfill your gifting needs for Father’s Day.  1. Object  A shopping trip before Father’s Day is nothing unusual. But hear us out, instead of tiring yourself out by visiting every store in Dolmen or Zamzama to find the perfect gift for your father,...

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If you have ever encountered a candle, in Pakistan, labelled ‘Fart Extinguisher’ then I would immediately like to proclaim myself as the source for this witty and scented piece of humour. However, if you have yet to have such an experience then I would like to direct you towards exactly who we are and how we managed to reach your living rooms (or bathrooms for that matter) with our ability to add a bit of inappropriateness to ordinary objects. Hi, I’m Taha Zindani the CEO of Inappropriate gifting and I’m here to tell you how a small, inappropriate and bold...

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