Inappropriate Gifting - A One Stop Shop For All Your Gifting Needs

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Inappropriate Gifting - A One Stop Shop For All Your Gifting Needs

The bonds we share with people range from being exceptionally sweet to humorously playful. Where your mother may receive an affectionately decorated greeting card from you that respectfully expresses gratitude for her unconditional love, your best friend may wind up with a mug that calls them a piece of shit on their birthday. From relationships with parents to friendships, Inappropriate Gifting has catered to every gifting need you may have without surrendering to the traditions which prevent our gifts from being an accurate reflection of our feelings.

For The Ones With The Dirty Jokes

Inappropriate Gifting began with the purpose of introducing to Pakistan quirky gifts that will never fail to turn your beloved ones into a laughing mess. When it comes to those close friends with whom the dirty jokes never cease, they deserve gifts as inappropriate as their humor. At our online gifting store, you will find various products ranging from printed mugs to ashtrays that perfectly express the dynamics of your friendships. Whether you settle on a 'Significunt' printed mug or an 'Ash-hole' ashtray, Inappropriate Gifting has everything you may need for your inappropriate gifting needs.


For The Better Halves

Is your relationship truly fun if the gifts you give are formally and appropriately affectionate? For your better half, Inappropriate Gifting has a variety of laughter-inducing raunchy products, including scented candles, greeting cards, and printed mugs. So for the anniversaries and birthdays, consider visiting our online gifting store for unlimited risqué gifts that are perfect for the significant others. Ranging from a 'Thanks For The Orgasms' scented candle (if you get them) to a 'Your Gift Is In My Pants' greeting card, there is no doubt that Inappropriate Gifting has the perfect inappropriate gifts for inappropriate relationships. 


For The Ones Who Raised Us

With Pakistani parents, being inappropriate would most likely not bode well. On their special occasions, whether they be birthdays or anniversaries, a greeting card or a printed mug with a curse word is not a gift they would appreciate. So when you hear about Inappropriate Gifting, you might think this online gifting store is not where you would be able to find anything for your parents, but that is not true! While our claims to extend beyond the convention guide our path, Inappropriate Gifting understands when to be a little more appropriate without abandoning the humor. On our website, you will find various products that stay within the traditional boundaries of relationships with parents while ensuring such gifts have the same potential to induce a chuckle as the inappropriate ones!

From our collection, you can get your mother an adorable 'Best Mom Ever' printed mug or your father an 'Excellent Dad' scented candle. But be assured that you will not return empty-handed when searching for slightly appropriate gifts!


For Yourself

While we may be an online gifting store, many products from our collection can be perfect self-care rewards if you ever choose to give yourself one. Nothing is stopping you from buying an inappropriate product as a self-love gift, whether it be a wall hanging or a scented candle. After all, must you have any formalities with yourself? So when you feel like you deserve to spend some of that hard-earned money to celebrate yourself, consider buying a 'Boss Babe' scented candle or a 'I'm Hot' printed mug from Inappropriate Gifting. 


Since its inception, Inappropriate Gifting has prided itself in being sassy, witty, and naughty. Our sharp-witted and risqué products have taken Pakistan by storm and broken the bonds of conventional gift-giving, but you will find that our products lie on a spectrum of inappropriate-ness. At this online gifting store, you can buy a gift for a parent, a colleague, a best friend, and yourself all at the same time!

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