Five Places You Can Find Us This Father's Day | Inappropriate Gifting

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Five Places You Can Find Us This Father's Day | Inappropriate Gifting

A week from now, people around the world will be prepared to celebrate their fathers in the most memorable and loving way possible. But if you are still clueless about where to buy gifts for your father, we are here to help you out! Here is a list of five places where you can find us to fulfill your gifting needs for Father’s Day. 

1. Object 

A shopping trip before Father’s Day is nothing unusual. But hear us out, instead of tiring yourself out by visiting every store in Dolmen or Zamzama to find the perfect gift for your father, halt your search at Object. They have a wonderful collection of gifts for every occasion, including the wittiest and most adorable mugs and scented candles from Inappropriate Gifting! 


2. The Second Serving

Fathers are no more immune to the temptations of flavorsome desserts than we are. If you have still not decided what to get for your father this Father’s Day, consider investing in one of The Second Serving’s affectionately and exceptionally curated bundles. Amongst their mouth-watering desserts, you will also find scented candles, table coasters, and greeting cards from Inappropriate Gifting - really, the best of both worlds!


3. Whisk It

Along with their deliciously baked desserts, Whisk It also puts together the most incredible bundles that contain a variety of gifts for Father’s Day. Amongst the tempting and scrumptious desserts, these bundles also have printed mugs, table coasters, scented candles, and comical greeting cards from Inappropriate Gifting. Visit their Instagram page now to select the best bundle for your father!


4. Lals

Did you know that along with serving your taste buds with their out-of-the-world chocolates, Lals also caters to everything you may need to make Father’s Day special for your Dad with their unique hampers? Buy their delicious treats and witty gifts from our Father’s Day collections all at once. Trust us, a hamper from Lals may be all your father needs!


5. Ensemble

This Father’s Day, Inappropriate Gifting can also be found at one of Karachi’s finest multi-brand stores. Amongst their spectacular collection of products curated by various brands, you can purchase a luxurious gift for your father and complement it with a witty product from our Father’s Day Collection. So, delay the process no further and visit Ensemble now!



With these five incredible businesses partnering with Inappropriate Gifting for Father’s Day, you need not worry about the perfect gift for the special parent. Browse these places now and select the gift that best expresses your gratitude towards your father for being a SuperDad! 

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