Blogger’s Choice: Top 3 Blogs Recommending The Inappropriate Gift-Guide for Father’s Day

Our Fathers offer the world to us and on such occasions, we wish they also offered access to their bank accounts. While we cannot display the love we have for our fathers by a scale we do like to show it through gifts and with our limited budget there is only so much we can get. 

To ease your troubles, these top 3 blogs have carefully curated pocket-friendly gift guides that will allow us to celebrate our Fathers without empty wallets or sibling loans!


  • Mashion 

  • This woman-centric blog offers the best content regarding women and their struggles in society.  Their Father’s Day gift guide is reflective of just how understanding they are of our financial struggles and so they’ve offered you nothing less than a package of the best in wit and quality.


  • Womanistan 

  • Mariam Mehmood aka @stylepeasant generously curated a list for Womanistan that includes something for all kinds of dads. If you happen to have one that appreciates a good joke then our candles, mugs and cards will give you the best humour to choose from. 

  • Humna Raza

  • Humna has won many Pakistani hearts with her inspirational and motivational content. Her wholesome gift-guide is sure to push you towards making a purchase and what’s better than to choose from a wide collection of witty and unconventional wishes for our beloved Dads. 



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