Best Black Friday Gift Sale in 2021 Upto 40% Discount on All Products

Best Black Friday Gift Sale in 2021 Upto 40% Discount on All Products

The year’s biggest and most awaited discount season is just around the corner. Though it will officially kick start on the 26th of November, many retailers and marketplaces have already announced their discounted prices to fuel up the people for the actual Black Friday sale in Pakistan. Like you, we here at Inappropriate Gifting are very excited to introduce you to our exquisite Black Friday gifts collection.

Why Shop on Black Friday?

Previously, we have seen Independence Day and 11.11 sales, but for most marketplaces, these stay up online for a day or two, and the overload on their websites or the suffocating rush in the actual shops makes you come back home tired and disappointed.

But, the best online Black Friday gift deals stay for over a week, and at some websites extend to over a month. So, it would be pretty unfortunate to miss out on the fantastic sale of the products and Black Friday gifts you have laid your eyes on all year long.

The cheap Black Friday gift deals include various products at a significantly discounted price with our unprecedented Black Friday sales and deals 2021 in Pakistan. So, stop thinking and start browsing for your favorite products and exceptional Black Friday gifts that are lined up waiting for you.

End the Year on a High Note:

funny celebration

Near the end of the year, it is either the wedding season or other special events because winters give rise to the best and exclusive celebrations. So, if you’re planning a party or an event, then our cheap Black Friday gift deals will help you amp up its decor.

Birthdays, Bridal Showers, one of the hundred wedding functions, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, or a surprise Anniversary party are a few of the many celebrations requiring matchless and incomparable ideas to make them memorable, and the best online Black Friday gift deals will help you achieve that goal.

Our products aren’t limited to just that. If you’re someone who likes to collect mugs or want to upgrade your dining area, your room or office, we have got you covered! Head down to our online store and browse through some of the unique and remarkable products, from aromatic scented candles to out-of-the-box greeting cards and even wrapping papers with our inappropriate gifting deals on Black Friday.

The Actual Day!

Black Friday is on 26th November 2021, but most marketplaces and retailers put up their sale days before that. So, it’s on you to keep an eye on your preferred websites that provide the best Black Friday sales and deals 2021 in Pakistan.

Inappropriate Gifting & Black Friday:

Just like other websites make the most sales by presenting their best online Black Friday gift deals, we at Inappropriate Gifting would not like to stay behind. So, we’ve got impeccable inappropriate gift deals on Black Friday to boost up the Black Friday sale in Pakistan.

This year, fill up your online shopping carts with our amusing and slightly conflicting yet whimsical and hilarious products. We haven’t limited ourselves with the old traditional gifts that people are almost tired and bored of. Inappropriate Gifting updates its inventory along with the needs of the people and the ever-changing trends of gift-giving.

black friday gifts sale upto 40% off on all products

Welcome to our Whimsical World!

The best online Black Friday gift deals at Inappropriate Gifting starts from the 24th of November till the 29th. We’re offering products at up to 40% discount, starting from PKR 340 only, so you can get extraordinary and remarkable Black Friday gifts!

Our products include mugs, candles, cards, wrapping papers, ashtrays, mobile covers, sanitizers, wall hangings, and coasters. Let’s dive deep into our unique range of products with their discounted prices, so you get to bag the best Black Friday sales and deals 2021 in Pakistan.

1. Inappropriate Scented Candles: 15% off

Our scented candles are unparalleled to any other product out there. Not only do they smell good, but also include witty labels to lighten up the mood. Starting from PKR 2380, these candles will add a nice touch to your room and bring peace to your mind in no time.

inappropriate scented candles 15% off

The wide variety of scents include the timid “Cotton Musk” straight out from the Arabian Nights “Bakhoor”, crisp “Toasted Vanilla” stimulating “Fresh Lilies” mesmerizing “Patchouli Oud” and Starbucks right around the alley “Coffee House.”

Some of our ingenious, funny, witty, and entertaining labels include “Obligatory Bathroom Candle,” “Bullshit Repellent,” “Welcome to the Shit Show,” and much more.

Browse through our exclusive collection via our best online Black Friday gift deals!

2. Inappropriate Mugs: 25% off

Starting from PKR 790, our mugs will add extra energy and intensity to your daily caffeine and put your boring breakfasts to another level.

Our varied mug collection will serve as ideal Black Friday gifts for your siblings, co-workers, and best friends who have got an out-of-the-box sense of humor. It could be ideal for your parents also as we have got some less intense and family-friendly designs too.

inappropriate coffee mugs 25% off


Some include “OCD: Obsessive Chai Disorder,” “Wife, Mum, Boss,” “Shuh The Fuh Cup,” “Basic Bitch Blend,” and the list goes on.

So, go on and find a perfect mug for yourself in our cheap Black Friday gift deals and elevate your gifting style this season!

3. Inappropriate Greeting Cards: 20% off

Starting from PKR 400, our diverse range gives you the chance to greet or congratulate people in an effective and unique way.

Inappropriate Greeting Cards: 20% off

Some of the extraordinary and affectionate messages include “I Love You More Today Than I did Yesterday,” “Hugs and Kisses and Dirty Things”, “Happy Birthday, you Sexy Bitch”, and more. 

Not only you get these funny greetings on the cover, but you can also include personalized message for your dear ones.

Don’t miss out on these deals and get your hands on the best Black Friday gifts you can buy!

4. Inappropriate Ashtrays: 20% off

Starting from PKR 1120, our newly introduced ashtrays will serve not only their usual purpose but also seconds as a beautiful and one-of-a-kind decoration piece as well.

You can gift it to your smoking or non-smoking friends and loved ones because of their unique design and entertaining content written at the heart of the ashtray. The amazing designs include pictorial and written text, making it worthwhile to put up in parties, events, or just a small get-together of close friends and family.

Inappropriate Ashtrays: 20% off

The texts include “Stay Stoned,” “Ash-Hole,” “I Will Quit Tomorrow,” and many more, while the pictures include a graphic image of “joints,” “marijuana leaf,” “smoking lungs,” and so on. 

So, don’t hold yourself back and get these ashtrays through our cheap Black Friday gift deals before anyone else gets their hands on them!

5. Inappropriate Mobile Covers: 40% off

Starting from PKR 900, our mobile covers stand out with their attractive designs. New technology requires exotic and charming concepts, and we’ve got you covered so you can customize your mobile phone in the best way and show off in style.

Inappropriate Mobile Covers: 40% off

The variations include “Cute but Psycho,” “Yoga, Coffee, Naps,” “Kiss My Ass,” “If You Can Read This You’re Standing Too Close”, and many more.

You can gift it to your loved ones and friends or treat yourself to a phone cover and carry it with style.

Shop away with our discounted prices because the inappropriate gift deals on Black Friday are not going to get better than this!

6. Inappropriate Wall Hangings: 20% off

Starting from PKR 1600, amp up your home decor with our witty and humorous wall hangings. You can not only upgrade your home and office or buy them as a gift for your friends, family, and loved ones but you can also put them in hallways, entryways, or even bathrooms.

Inappropriate Wall Hangings: 20% off

Our wall hangings include messages like “Beware, Wild Animals/Children,” “Warning, No Stupid People Beyond This Point,” “The Shitter,” “This Office Runs on Teamwork, Fun, and Coffee,” and so much more.

So, stop waiting and order your favorite wall hangings from our exclusive and cheap Black Friday gift deals!

7. Inappropriate Table Coasters: 20% off

Starting from PKR 480, our table coasters are here for your regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables, so you don’t drift away or get bored with the same old stories from your family and friends every day.

Inappropriate Table Coasters: 20% off

The texts on the table coasters include “Mean Without Caffeine,” “Don’t Fuck up the Table,” “Be Considerate Bitches”, and more. 

So, decorate your parties or high-teas with our inappropriate gift deals on Black Friday!

8. Inappropriate Wrapping Papers: 10% off

Have you got the perfect gift for your loved ones but are unsure how to make it more presentable? Say no more! Starting from PKR 450, we have got a diverse range of colorful and vibrant wrapping papers to brighten up your gifting game.

Inappropriate Wrapping Papers: 10% off

Our printed texts include “Best Bitches”, “Good Luck Finding Better Colleagues Than Us,” “Let’s Fucking Celebrate,” and much more.

So, click on that add to cart button and bag the items from our best online Black Friday gift deals!

9. Inappropriate Hand Sanitizers: 15% off

Starting from PKR 340, we have levelled up that hand sanitizer trend which has perked up during this covid-19 era. This has been essential in our daily routine to keep ourselves safe and others around us as well.

Inappropriate Hand Sanitizers: 15% off

Our range of hand sanitizers are printed with the following labels, “Fuck Corona Hand Sanitizer,” “Clean Hands and Dirty Minds”, “Essential AF,” and “But First Hand Sanitizer.” Now, you can travel in style while keeping yourself and your loved ones out of harm.

So, grab your unique hand sanitizers through our best Black Friday sales and deals in Pakistan!

One Step Closer to your Inappropriate Gift!

Get your browsing started and bag up the greatest and latest items via our cheap Black Friday gift deals!

Don’t miss out on the inappropriate gift deals on Black Friday, as this is a once-in-a-year opportunity to bag up matchless and get special Black Friday gifts for your siblings, family, friends, co-workers, and significant other.

We have the usual gifts but with a witty and humorous twist and that is what makes us INAPPROPRIATE GIFTING. You will get praises and laughs from your circle, but we are not sure for the curses, tears, or slaps that you might get. Our products might seem a bit out of the box, but what’s life without a bit of humor and mischief.

We guarantee great quality products with safe and secure delivery. All our products are stored in-house and are packed and shipped from our warehouse in Karachi. Our delivery services are available all across Pakistan.

Don’t wait to buy your Black Friday gifts till the last day. Visit our website today and browse through the best Black Friday sales & deals in Pakistan. So, what are you waiting for?

Treat your family and friends to our unique and inappropriate gift deals on Black Friday!

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