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I have got 2 products through home delivery. The delivery timing was perfect. It was not at all late. Obssessive Chai Disorder and 1 card. I am extremely satisfied and happy.
The finishing of the cup is good and I recommend it to everyone out there. Keep it up!!!!

Dr. Sundas Nofel

Hi, just wanted to let you know that the products are amazing! Was a little scared to place a big order for the first time but absolutely worth it. My friends have been asking about your products too.

Ameera Azam

Hey! It arrived sooner than I expected it to. Totally digging the finish and ofcourse, the quotes!! Looking forward to placing more orders with you guys!

Aaliyah Salman

Hi, I hope you're doing well.
I received my candle today and I must say I love it. It looks amazing and smells amazing.
And I am sure I will order again.

Shaza Binte Rizwan

Got the card and absolutely loved it... You guys are doing a great job.

Kanwal Haris

Inappropriate Gift Shopping Online in Pakistan

Inappropriate Gifting is an online gift shop determined to elevate the art of giving gifts by our humorous twist with a bit of sass.

Your Unconventional Online Gift Shop

Our unique online gift shop in Pakistan stems from the idea that sarcasm and wit should be essential in one's life. To fulfill this vision, we have included everyday products and enhanced them with our mischievous imagination.

Our products are not bound to be given as gifts only. You can use them as decorative pieces for your home or give yourself that well-deserved treat. With few fucks given, this online gift shop is home to an assortment of products that seem unconventional but secretly most of you desire.

Inappropriate Gifting is breaking all norms of online gift shopping in Pakistan and is providing exceptional gifting products along with a sprinkle of humor to lighten up everyone's day.

Taking Home Decoration Up a Notch

Ever come home in a fucked up mood, and nothing seems to cheer you up? Well, Inappropriate Gifting might have a solution for you. We have a variety of wall hangings with amusing text and illustrations that are guaranteed to lighten up the mood and be a significant upgrade to your home decor. Plus, they serve as excellent gifts too, which means you get to cheer yourself and your friends or loved ones as well with our varied collection of wall hangings.

Our online gift shop also has ashtrays and table coasters to compliment your living room and dining table settings. It will be a fun-filled addition to have something to laugh at after a stressful day or to liven up your get-togethers and parties.

Greet Your Loved Ones with our Exclusive Cards

Since the advent of e-greetings, the importance of giving cards has physically been lost. To revive that old tradition, Inappropriate Gifting has got a diverse range of greeting cards through which you can greet your siblings, your favorite co-worker, your beloved, or even your parents but in a different style.

Keep Those Pesky Germs Away

Covid-19 has come along with bad luck, but it has introduced a few good things like social distancing and keeping yourself clean! The use of sanitizers is growing exponentially as no one wants to catch this deadly virus. Everyone has this essential item in their purses or handbags. Inappropriate Gifting has a stock of hand sanitizers with witty texts printed on them. Seeing your friend using a hand sanitizer that says, "Fuck Corona," seems interesting, yeah? So, gift them one this year, and you'll get to spread smiles, not germs.

Wrap Your Gifts Like No Other

After browsing several online gift shops, you finally got the gift you required, but now you face another challenge of presenting it in the best way. You’re way too bored with the usual packaging and want to upgrade your style while cheering your friend up. Inappropriate gifting has got your back with its varied collection of wrapping papers with funny illustrations, which will be a sure-fire way to adorn your gifts.

Carry Your Phone with Wit

Do you know that sarcasm makes you appear intelligent and attracts like-minded people? A phone case is the highlight of your phone and is seen by everyone. So, you'll not only get to accessorize in style but also get to have like-minded friends and keep those selfish bitches at bay! Our online gift shop has an exclusive collection of mobile iPhone covers that come with a witty message.

Get Your Inappropriate Gift!

We are the pioneers of unusual yet amusing gifts in Pakistan. Yeah, there were and still are people who have this idea, but Inappropriate Gifting is the first to take this step forward. You might see some more marketplaces getting comfortable with selling unconventional stuff now, but the roots lie here. Our products might get some audience wide-eyed, but we care about our community who share the same fucked up and mischievous humor as us.

Our exceptional quality products are available at our online gift shop. All our products are printed in-house and are packed and shipped from our warehouse in Karachi. Our delivery services are available all across Pakistan and soon will be available internationally.

Enhance the experience of online gift shopping in Pakistan via Inappropriate Gifting. Your one-stop online gift shop to buy humorous and fun-filled gifts and accessories.